Returning students

Regular price: $155 for 6 weeks
Begins the week of April 22nd



Available discount codes for returning students:
Use only those that apply or your card will be charged the difference within 48 hours.

  • AbsenceA ($120 for past students giving a minimum 3 hours notice for all absences during last session)
  • AbsenceB ($140 for past students giving notice for all absences but was less than 3 hours at least once during last session)
  • Deposit (Pay $60 now to hold your place in class and we will charge your card the balance due, including any discounts you qualify for, during the first full week of class or enter your preferred date for final payment)

***Students who register using the incorrect discount code will be charged according to the date they register and/or the discount they qualify for. Please use the correct discount code.

Students wishing to sign up after the first day of class will be charged the pro-rated amount as listed next to each class.
No orientation class is available for late registration but your instructor will review safety considerations with you in class.

Remember the discount code you wish to use from above and then CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Current and past students manage your account and make payments here:

You can sign into your account and manage your credit cards, payments and book directly by clicking the Bookeo logo below: