• 6 levels – each level consists of a 6 or 7-week series
  • Classes meet once per week for 75 minutes
  • Maximum 8 students per class (2 per pole)
  • Learn spins, transitions, floor work, climbing and beginning inverts based upon individual progress
  • Emphasis on dance with choreography
  • Cost $150 for new and returning students (for 6 weeks)
  • Plus Intro to Pole Dancing Orientation class is free for both new and returning students

Back ArchAppropriate for:

• Beginners: Absolutely no experience necessary

  • • Experienced students: good for students who are not yet adept at climbing, seated poses, one-handed spins and inverts

• This is a mixed level class in which beginners through intermediate experienced students learn at their own pace.


  • Current students have the opportunity every to reserve their place in class one week before registration opens for new and past students.
  • New and past students may sign up before registration opens by clicking on the “Wait list” button on the booking page. No payment is due until registration opens.

*We prefer that all new students take Intro to Pole Dancing orientation prior to beginning our program but it is not required if you are starting classes after the session is already in progress. Please email or call us for more information.