• Classes meet once per week for 90 minutesKnee Hold
• Maximum of 6 students per class (1-2 students per pole)
• Learn tricks, transitions, inverts and aerial poses – developing sequences based upon individual ability and skills
• Dance choreography classes are held once or twice per session where students learn intermediate/advanced choreography and have the opportunity to work on incorporating their sequences into a dance routine.
• Cost $150 for a 6-week course
• Prerequisite: Intro to Advanced Class orientation and testing $25 (call or write to schedule)

Click here for an outline of the advanced placement test

WristSeatAppropriate for: 

Experienced students: who are adept at climbing, seated poses, one-handed spins and the basic invert through all levels of advanced skills and master levels..

Must be proficient at the outside leg hang, inverting from the floor, without scrambling to hook the outside knee on the pole.

Must be pre-approved by an ETED instructor to take this class.
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