Fun Dance Videos

Here is a collection of pole dance video links you may enjoy.

Some are amazing, some interesting, some funny and some scary. Please let me know if a link doesn't work.

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Inspirational pole and dance videos:

Why I Dance

Pole Dance Twins

Pole on television and in movies:

2006: Katie Coates: Barry White Commercial

1950's Musical Featuring a Pole Dance Scene

1954: Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen Pole Dance in White Christmas!

1973: Isaac Hayes – The Look Of Love

Pole performances and names of pioneers you should know in the pole wo:rld:

Dual Pole Dancer Performance – This is "Gravity Plays Favorites" Michelle and Kate, performing in St. Louis. These incredibly talented ladies do some amazing gravity-defying dual stunts on the pole. Warning: slightly suggestive and they strip down to pasties in this show.

Jenyne Butterfly: Miss US Pole Dance Federation Champion 2009 (USPDF Champ 2009)

Alethea Austin's winning performance from USPDF 2010 (USPDF 2nd place Miss Sexy 2009 and USPDF 1st place 2010)

Karol Helms (USPDF Miss Sexy 2010)

Felix Cane Miss Australia Pole Dance Winning Performance: (Miss Pole Dance Australia 2009  and Miss World Pole Dance 2009) 

Alternative Forms of Pole Dancing:

Chinese Pole Dancing:

Amazing Chinese Pole Dancing – this is done on different poles that usually have a rubber surface for grip thus they must wear long sleeves and pants to prevent skin burn.

Swinging Poles!

Dominic LaCasse – This is not all pole dancing but this guy is beyond description. The first link is to a clip of his Chinese pole technique – some of the others just need to be added for the wow factor!

Dominic – Chinese Flag

Dominic – Amazing Acrobatic #1

Dominic – Amazing Acrobatic #2

Indian Boy Performing on Playground Pole

Mallakhamb (Indian Gymnastics)

Remi Martin – Chinese Pole Performer

Tango Pole Dance

Funny Videos:

Bud Lite Brass Pole Commercial

How It All Began! – the first pole dance.

Club Dancer – Some nudity but funny!

Isenbeck Beer – Foreign commercial…not pole dancing (it's ballet) but funny. Slightly suggestive but no nudity.

DStv commercial – Watch to the end!!!

Accidents on the Pole:
OK…so these aren't "fun" but they are educational as to what can happen when you don't practice safe pole dancing…like proper clothing, use of spotter or crash mat, checking pole for stability or proper installation.

Pole Dance Instruction Gone Wrong – This is in another language but you'll figure out what is happening!

Follow Up To Above Video! – Just found this! Thank God it was faked! added 11/06/07

Pole Dancing Accident #1 – why you shouldn't drink and pole dance!

Pole Dancing Accident #2 – ditto!

Pole Dancing Accident #4 – Why you should NOT dance on a cheap pole…they may hold up for a while but they loosen up quickly! Added 07/15/08

Pole Dancing Accident #5 – This video shows why you should practice with a spotter, a crash mat, and proper clothing for skin contact! re-submitted 10/21/09

Pole Dancing Accident #6 – Beautiful routine at a competition…but the pole was installed incorrectly. Accident happens shortly after 2.10 time…could have been a disastrous outcome! added 10/21/09