Pricing at a glance

Pricing at a glance:

We recognize that instructors and potential instructors have different needs – therefore we have a variety of options to fit your budget while still receiving the same quality training through our program.

Options include:

 • Beginner/Intermediate 18-hr Private or Semi-Private or workshop of 1-2 participants – $799 per participant

Scheduled over 3 days from Mondays through Thursdays, includes mandatory
class observation of evening classes.
Prerequisite: Extensive pole dance experience up to and including basic inverts, laybacks and leg hangs

 • Beginner/Intermediate 22-hr weekend intensive workshop of 3-4 participants” – $799 per participant

 • Beginner/Intermediate one on one 18-hr course – $1500

Scheduled over 3 days from Mondays through Thursdays

Plus 4 hours mandatory class observation

 • Beginner/Intermediate internship program – $2500

22 hours private instruction including certification training hours

unlimited beginner/intermediate classes (observation and training) for one year

Minimum 100 hours

• All candidates must pass the same exams which includes

 • Beginner/Intermediate:
One Written Exam
One practical demonstration of skills/moves
One practical demonstration of teaching
One practical demonstration of choreography

 • Advanced:
One written exam
One practical demonstration of skills/combined with teaching
One practical demonstration of choreography

*Any student living/working within 30 miles of ETED studios will incur a surcharge of $400 on top of any of the above prices.