• All programs require CPR and First aide certification through a live nationally recognized program such as the American Heart Association or the Red Cross. You may complete this after you begin the course but cannot be passed until your provide your CPR/First aid card.

  • Preferred but  NOT required is a certification in group exercise/fitness through a nationally recognized fitness organization such as ACSM, AFAA, ACE, etc.

  • Advanced Level certification requires successful completion and up to date basic/intermediate level certification through ETEDance.

  • Usually requires 4 weeks of home study and practice prior to taking the workshop  


Our programs do not teach you how to pole dance. They are for the experienced pole dancer who is interested in and now ready to teach pole dancing. Simply knowing how to pole dance does not mean you are ready to teach it or to start up your own business.

Basic/Intermediate Program
Candidates for this program must have sound and polished skills in basic two-handed spins, one-handed spins, combination spins, floor  work, climbing, upright poses, laybacks, planks, and the basic invert.

Advanced Program
Candidates for this program must have sound and polished skills in a  large range of inverts and other advanced moves which may include but  is not limited to:
Single leg hangs (inside leg hang, outside leg hang, single thigh hold, etc)
Double leg hangs (inverted crucifix, snake, etc)
Bracket and elbow holds (ayasha, straight edge, butterfly, etc)
Horizontal and upright poses (knee hold, superman, cupid, jade, hood ornament, ballerina, etc)
Drops and combinations