How to schedule

To Schedule Training:          

Training is scheduled on an individual basis with each student, however more than one student MAY be present in class. Training can be done on weekends or weekdays but students will be required to attend and assistant teach in 4 hours of group classes for the basic/intermediate level which are offered only on weeknights.

Your training is scheduled after consultation with us, and agreeing upon a mutually acceptable date that works within your schedule and ours.

Payment in full is due at the time of registration. We do not offer payment plans.

Bring our program to your studio:          

We will come to teach our program at your studio with a minimum guaranteed number of students. This will vary depending on the location of your studio but generally studios within 60 miles require  a minimum of 4 participants and those further than 60 miles require a  minimum of 6 participants.

Contact us for more information.