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Instructor Certification Programs

Providing Two Instructor Level Certification Programs

Beginner through Intermediate –  $799*
Advanced –  $599*

Appropriate for highly skilled pole dancers who wish to teach pole dancing or open their own studio. You must be skilled at pole dancing and know a very large range of moves as this program is not intended to teach you how to pole dance but how to teach pole dancing. 

*The above prices reflect the cost of a group workshop when one is available. The cost of one and on instructor certification for either course is an additional per program.


This is a full  “certification” course – so you will be certified to teach pole dancing sanctioned by nationally recognized pole dance organizations who know the pole  dancing business. You will receive a certification, not a certificate of completion.

This program is designed for the experienced pole dancer. Our program was one of  the first in the industry to be offered in the Midwest and received recognition from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of American in 2006. It is also sanctioned by the Pole Fitness Association and The Pole Dance Community.

We show you how to teach pole dancing…not how to do it! Each level includes 18 hours of training!
For those with less experience, check out our alternative programs link above.

We offer our program in 2 different levels with more hours of training and live class time with students than many other programs! You wouldn’t expect to learn basic through advanced pole dancing all in one course would you? Why then would  you expect to learn how to teach basic through advanced all in one program?

This is a comprehensive course which has the full benefit of our experience of training with industry pros and networking with multiple studios and instructors around the world, pole dance teaching experience since 2004, a world recognized fitness
background, over 30 years of business/marketing and licensing experience and developed in consultation with an injury prevention specialist.

Benefit from OUR years of experience and the industry exposure which would cost you thousands of dollars and hours to get on your own before you start your pole dancing business.

Finally our program does not end when you walk out the door with your certification – we provide ongoing support and mentoring to you for all aspects of your career from business practices and licensing to teaching for as long as your certification remains active.

* The cost of this discounted program is an additional $400 when taken as a private or semi private (2 participants) or for instructors living/working within 30 miles.

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