New students

  • Classes usually meet for 6 weeks (we may occasionally run shorter or longer sessions due to the holidays)
  • Cost: $150 for 6 weeks (plus $5 registration fee for new students)
  • Beginner/Intermediate classes meet once weekly for 75 minutes
  • Advanced classes meet once weekly for 90 minutes
  • New students taking the 8-week course may sign up for Intro to Pole Dancing orientation class for free

Available Discount and Deposit Codes:

Use code EarlyBird from 12 noon Friday October 11th through Friday October 18th at 11:59pm CST and pay just $125 for the 6-week course plus take intro to pole orientation for free!

  • EarlyBird ($125 for new students signing up between 12pm Friday October 11th and Friday October 18th at 11:59pm CST)
  • Deposit (Pay $60 now to hold your place in class and we will charge your card the balance due, during the first full week of class or enter your preferred date for final payment)
    • When using the Deposit code option during the early bird period, new students still qualify for the early bird rate and will be charged the appropriate balance at the end of the first week of class.

 Registration Instructions:

Two easy steps for new students

1. Sign up for the course:
  • Remember the discount code you wish to use from above then
  • Click on the green “book” button to reserve your class with a desposit or choose to pay in full.
2. Sign up for a free Intro To Pole Dancing orientation class after you have signed up for your 6-week course:
  • Click here to go to our registration page…choose the workshop button….then click on the intro to pole workshop to choose your class.
  • There is no fee for this class once you register for the 6/8 week course – but you must enter the promo code: FreeIntro
  • Anyone using the free promo code who has not signed up for the 6/8 week program will be removed from the class and not allowed entry until they pay the $40 fee.
*Intro to pole is preferred (though not mandatory) for all students who have never attended our studio, even if you have taken classes elsewhere. It is free when you sign up for our 6-week course but it is $40 if you want to sign up for it without the 6-week program