What to expect

What to expect at group classes:

  • Structured classes will have 1-2 students per pole depending on enrollment
  • Special access for current students to online video review of moves taught in class each week through our forum
  • Classes incorporate a workout just as all dance classes do so each class will include a mandatory warm up and cool down
  • Each course is between 5 and 8 weeks long based upon holidays and schedules
  • Classes are taught in an “add on” style. As you return each week you will review the previous week and add new moves
  • Group classes combine beginner through intermediate students so friends can join you even after you’ve already started classes.
  • Group classes are for women only.  Private lessons are offered for men.
  • Progression from one level to the next is determined by your ability and the instructors evaluation.Not everyone is ready to move on at the same time
  • All students must satisfactorily perform moves at each level before advancing to the next. Starting at a different level or skipping levels/classes must be approved by one on one evaluation during a paid private lesson.                  
  • Open to ages 18 and up.

How to prepare for c

  • Wear comfortable workout gear: shorts and short sleeve tops. Longer pants that can be pulled up above your knees can be worn in level one sessions.
  • The majority of our classes are done in bare feet.                  
  • Do not apply oils or lotions prior to class                  
  • Do not wear hand or wrist jewelry to class as it can cause injury as well as damage poles – you will be asked to remove it
  • Bring bottled water to class. Bottled water may be purchased for $1 at the studio.
  • Yoga mats are provided for warm up but you may bring your own yoga mat to class
  • Do not bring any personal items aside from a cell phone (if needed) into the class room, and please keep it on silent.                 
  • You do not need to have your own pole for the basic or intermediate levels. However you will enjoy your classes more if you have a pole at home for practice
  • Having your own pole is required for advanced levels.