Absence/Tardy Policies

With the utmost respect for our students and our instructors we ask that all students adhere to our cancellation and tardy notification policy.

We understand that this class may be your “entertainment” or break from a hard-working, sometimes stressful life, as well as unpredictable driving conditions in the city or due to weather, so we know that it is not always possible to attend class or to arrive on time.

We never over-book our classes and due to our small size, this means that we can wind up with open spots in class when students cannot attend. We also try to wait to start class for students if they are just a few minutes late.

However, students who arrive late can disrupt the class and students who do not show for class without notifying us that they cannot attend can result in multiple problems for instructors and classmates.

When students are going to be absent or more than 10 minutes late for class:

  • Call or text the main number at 815-341-6607 as early as possible!
    Do not wait until the end of the day if you are ill to see if you will feel better.
    If you are better call us back and we will do everything we can to fit you back into your class.
  • Do NOT email us or message us on Facebook unless giving more than 24 hours notice
  • Do NOT contact your instructor if you have her phone number unless you wish to notify her in addition to contacting the main number

A complete warm up is necessary to avoid injuries in class.
When arriving 10 minutes or more after the start of class

  • You must quietly open the door to signal to your instructor that you have arrived
  • You may not enter the class room until you have completed a 15-minute warm up
    -in the dressing room at Chicago Heights
    -in the main room at Frankfort

***Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late may be refused entry into the class by the instructor without credit/refund or a make up class.


Students with 100% compliance of the above policies can receive the following benefits: