Internship vs Certification

Empowerment Through Dance Ltdsm

Instructor Internship Program: $2500
Basic/Intermediate Intensive Training: $1199

*Economical alternatives to learn pole dancing and learn to teach pole dancing for a combined discounted cost.
Includes: Pole dance training and both the basic and intermediate certifications upon successful completion.

Instructor Internship:

Here is what you get:

  • 22 hours of private instruction with flexible scheduling (includes certification program hours)
  • Unlimited attendance of open group classes in basic and intermediate for the first 12 months
  • Learn over 150 moves including floor work, transitional moves, climbing, strength training and both beginner and intermediate level spins
  • Includes link to online library of moves
  • Instructor internship manuals
  • Home and private party plan outline
  • Learn the application of principals of safety, body mechanics and body alignment
  • Accountant consultation for starting up your new business
  • Twenty hours supervised opportunity as an assistant teacher
  • Basic and Intermediate Instructor Certifications through Empowerment Through Exotic Dance,

The program is arranged around your schedule and ours allowing up to one year to complete it, though a minimum of 3 months training is expected for more adept students with dance and fitness related backgrounds is possible. You complete the program at your own pace, completing the program by passing our certification exams. Most students take 6 months to one year to complete this program.


  • A motivated, outgoing individual with a strong desire to learn pole dancing and share it with others.

  • Reasonably fit, healthy, adult over the age of 18

  • Must have a strong commitment to practicing pole dancing independently in addition to supervised training time

  • Must own your  own dance pole as approved by Empowerment Through Exotic Dance,

  • Preferred certification as a  Group Fitness Instructor, CPT, Pilates or Yoga Instructor through AFAA , ACSM, ACE, NASM

Basic/Intermediate Intensive Certification Program:

This program includes certification and limited training for more experienced pole dancers who have a broad range of  skills but still require direction on a number moves.

The content is the same as that listed for the Basic/Intermediate Certification program but includes 16 more hours of training in order  to solidify skills and to cover a broader range of moves which the  candidate may not be as familiar with simply due to less experience.

It will also include 8 hours of classroom observation and assistant  teaching instead of 4 hours.

Candidates for this program will be highly experienced in most pole dancing spins, floor work, transitions, climbing and upright poses and will be able to other unfamiliar moves at this level with relative ease.