Dance Pole Safety


There are many things to consider when choosing your pole and when deciding where to place your pole. The following is not a complete list but will give you  a lot of information to consider.

  1. Buy a reputable poleThere are many poles on the market and all claim to be safe. There are so many now that we are no longer familiar with all of them but we do know a large number of the companies and their reputations.We sell only X-Pole brand at this time. We could sell any pole we wanted to – but we choose X-Pole because of our experience with the product and with the company. It is the pole we use in our Chicago Heights location.

    We also endorse PoleDanzer brand poles. The primary difference is that PoleDanzer does not have all the options and is a bit more simply made than X-Pole but it is a well-made and SAFE pole.

    Be aware of knock offs! A good pole will run between $200 and $400 depending on the options included with the model. If a pole LOOKS like X-Pole but isn’t actually an X-Pole they are not to be trusted.

    Keep in mind that many cheaper brands will use plastic parts or will not adhere to quality assurance standards during manufacturing. Make certain to purchase a good quality pole from a company with a good reputation – your life could depend on it!

    Example of a broken pole after 3 days use!

  2. Pole placement and height (pressure mounted poles)Regardless of the brand you purchase there are things to keep in mind when you choose where to place your pole and regular maintenance for safety.Pressure mounted poles require regular checks for solid placement. Ceilings and floor settle causing a shift in the pressure of your pole between the ceiling and floor. This could result in a loosening of the pole which, while it may seem fine at first, could slip out of place and fall after you start practicing on it. You should check your pole by pulling/jerking hard on it after 4 hours of use or after being away for more than four hours. Make certain the dome is not slipping on the ceiling!

    If you have drywall or plaster ceilings, make certain your pole is placed under a ceiling joist! If not, not only will it crack the ceiling but it will not be as stable and more likely to fall during use.

    Despite manufacturer’s recommendations, we do not recommend pressure mounting a pole above 11 feet as the taller the pole, the more flex is created and again, the more likely it is to fall during use.

  3. More safe pole dance practicesSee this link for more information about pole dancing safety.