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 The  X-pole is the Cadillac of portable dance poles!

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Since the introduction of this pole in November of 2005 this has been the  hottest pole on the market.

X-Pert and X-Sport Comparison: Short Version

X-pole has two models of removable, portable, floor-ceiling poles: X-sport and  X-pert

Both come in silver chrome or titanium gold finish with your choice of 45mm (1.75″) or 50mm (2″) diameters

  • The X-Pert also comes in 40mm (1.5″) diameter and also choices of stainless steel and brass finishes
  • The X-Pert has a spinning option and the X-Sport does not.
  • The X-pert has flush floor to ceiling pole and the X-Sport has a foam cover to  use over the exposed adjuster rod at the base
  • The X-pert has a larger dome at the top with a “micro” base
  • The X-sport has a smaller dome at the top and larger base than the X-Pert
  • Due to the sizes of the top and base, the X-Pert is rated to support more weight
  • The X-Pert is set up by standing next to the pole and turning it to unwind the internal adjuster rod making it taller until it fits your ceiling
  • The X-Sport is set up by turning the adjuster rod at the base with a wrench and  may require two people to hold it steady during set up.

For our students we highly recommend the X-Pert model in chrome finish. Usually a 45mm diameter but 50mm diameter is acceptable.
Additionally, X-pole makes a free-standing stage pole, the X-Stage
Overall height is 10 feet with 8’10” usable pole height – which you can have cut shorter if you desire.
This pole is great for performances, demos, or anywhere or any home with a sloped ceiling
or ceiling height above 12ft

Read on for more details and cost:

Features of all X-pole Removable Pole Sets:XJOINT

• No Ceiling/Floor Hardware/Fixtures Required.
• Takes Minutes to Assemble and Disassemble
• Completely Portable.
• Extendable from 2235mm (7’.4’’) to 2745 (9’).
• Optional Extension Lengths (take your pole up to 12′)
• 50mm (1.96’’) or 45mm (1.75’’) Diameters.
• Comprehensive Photographic Instructions.

Bottom Loading (adjuster rod at bottom)
and STATIC only (no spinning option) with X-Joints
* Sold ONLY through the online link above!

X-Pole Sport Chrome –  $129 plus shipping – online orders only
Recommended user weight 240 pounds
Developed with  beginner pole dancers in mind, while also being suitable for Professionals,
the  SPORT is extremely sturdy as well as being easy to install and use.

• Bottom Loading – no ladders required.XSport(XS3)
• Revolutionary NEW X-Joints – easy to use, quick to install.
• Smooth Pole from Top to Bottom – no transition between tubes.
• Small Upper Dome – for installation under one joist.
• Static Only.
• Available in 45mm (1.75”) and 50mm (2”) tube sizes
• Extendable from 2235mm (7’.4’’) to 2745 (9’) from the box.
• One Carry Case – holds a complete SPORT POLE.

X-Pert :BOTTOM LOADING (adjuster rod at bottom)  XPert
Prices start at $299 for chrome and varies based on finish: stainless, brass, silicone, powder coated
Above price does not include tax or shipping.
Purchased directly through the manufacturer

The X-Pert is the X-Pole model which we use in our  Chicago Heights Studio because it is THE pole we trust!

When  you purchase a pole through ETED we will help you partially assemble it at the
studio and we will provide you with support should you need it. We usually have  50mm XPerts in stock but when we don’t you can have it shipped to your location  or to ours if you prefer within 5 business days.

Recommended user weight: 300 pounds 

Designed with Professional Dancers and Pole Tricks in mind the X-PERT
incorporates all the features required to meet the demands of the world’s best.

• Bottom Loading – no ladders required.
• Revolutionary NEW X-Joints – easy to use, quick to install.
• Smooth Pole from Top to Bottom – no transition between tubes.
• Static and Spinning Options.
• Micro Articulating Base – easy to set up on uneven floors.
• Double Width Support Dome for Maximum Stability.
• Available in 40mm (1.5″), 45mm (1.75”) and 50mm (2”) tubes sizes.
• Extendable from 2235mm (7’.4’’) to 2745 (9’) from the box.
• Includes Carry Cases.

X-Stage: $799

Above price does not include tax or shipping.
Purchased directly through the manufacturer

Easily transported and easy to set up with a  large circular dance area, static and spinning functions, multi-piece pole tube,  hi-stability for use without additional weight for anything but extreme moves  and the most important of all, value for money – have all been achieved with

Supplied with everything needed,  X-Stage assembly takes only a few minutes and is simplicity
itself………Remove from the carry cases, expand the main frame, lock the  stage floor sections in place, insert the main pole, tighten retaining screw, s really  is that quick and simple….So, less than 15 minutes from arrival to dancing and even better, the only tool you need are 2 hex keys and they are supplied!

All the key are features included as standard so there are no extras to purchase

  • Pole Diameter: 50mm (2”) or 45mm (1.75″)
  • XStageAssmbStage Diameter: 1600mm (5’3)
  • Overall Height: 3m (10’)
  • Stage Height: 320mm (12.5”)
  •  Useable Pole: 2.65m (8’10”)
  • Weight (approx): (in carry Cases)
  • X-Stage Complete 88Kg
  • Main Frame 38Kg
  • Stage Panels 40Kg
  • Pole Tubes 10Kg

XStage Lite: $799.00XsL02
Above price does not include tax or shipping.
Purchased directly through the manufacturer

The XStage Lite is very stable and has all the
same features as the original X-Stage except its base frame is only 4in off the
ground increasing the amount of workable pole to 9ft 8in!!

Another advantage of the X-Stage Lite is that the base frame is half the weight
of the original X-Stage, but still comes with a carrying case with wheels so
transporting your X-Stage has never been easier!!

For extra stability you can always extend the legs and add weight plates to the posts on the frame. 



X-Pole distribution in  the USA from our California distribution center to US destinations.

We have distribution centers in Canada and Mexico to expedite shipping  without delays through customs.

As the US Sales team of X-Pole, we will provide you with the best customer service you will find anywhere!

Competitive Pricing:
All authorized X-Pole dealers must sell poles for the same price. If you find a “new” X-Pole for a significantly lower price, you should be suspicious that it may not be an authentic X-Pole! Used X-Poles may be sold at any price according to wear and tear.

Beware of fakes which are made with cheap parts and are subject to cracks and breakage rendering them unsafe!
We are an authorized dealer for X-pole – contact us to place your order now.