Class outline November through January 2019

Week One:

Fireman: Grounded Fireman > Basic Fireman > Double Knee Fireman > Open Fireman > Single Leg Fireman > Standing Fireman > Rising Fireman (bracket grip) > Thread the need > Pike > Rockstar spin


Week Two:

Inside Leg Hook Spin: S: Grounded inside leg hook spin (D/T: Closed inside leg hook spin V: French fireman to closed inside leg hook spin S: French fireman to Attitude spin G: Overhand French Fireman to closed inside leg hook spin aka: "Dragonfly")

Week Three:

Windmill: Straight leg step around > V-kick > Windmill > Body Spiral > Windmill to sit

Week Four:


Step around/windmill/body spiral series Ctrclw > pivoting Ctrclw to reverse directions at end
Clw: Deep step around, sweeping OL back to reverse directions to Ctrclw
Deep step around, sweeping OL back to reverse directions to Clw
Inside leg hook series to floor

Skills and review

Week Five:

Reverse hook spin: S: Grounded reverse hook spin (aka "reverse step")  D:  Intro to Open Reverse hook spin T: Basic Open Reverse Hook Spin  V: Double reverse hook spin to floor S: Jumping reverse hook spin G:  Music Box Spin….or Faint spin….or side lying reverse hook spin…carousel to reverse hook faint spin

Week Six

Cradle Spin: Full bracket cradle step   (D/T:full bracket cradle spin or baseball cradle spin, V/S:single extended leg cradle spin – no vid, G:extended split leg cradle spin)


Week Seven:

RAG: Prima Reverse Grab (D/T/S Working through reverse grab variations up to full flying/aerial reverse grab) G: Leg position variations and reverse grab combos with other spins. (also Juliet spin)


Week Eight:


Reverse grab series > Seated scoop > Reverse hook
Change directions to BB grip cradle

Skills and review