Micro Fiber Cloths

Great for class in pretty colors!

Use this towel during class or at home to dry and clean you hands & your pole.

One side is fluffy, absorptive terry.
One side is "glass polishing" & great for pole cleaning!
16" x 16"

In stock at our Chicago Heights Studio

Burgundy and Purple only -
Both with ETED Pole Dancer Logo!!!

$2.00 each
Includes sales tax

Tote Bag

Woven Tote bag for carrying your personal
belongings to and from class.

Extra large bag will hold your shoes, shorts, top,
cloth for class, grip products, water, etc.
20" x 16" x 6"

Only available in pink and white

In stock at our Chicago Heights Studio

$5.00 each
Includes sales tax

POLE PHYSICS NO-SLICK NON-SLIP moisturizing body lotion with Vitamin E, certified organic ginkgo and horsetail to visibly tone and energize the appearance of the skin.

Healthy skin grips better ... naturally

Dancers do need to moisturize their bodies not only to look great, but also to maintain a natural level of grip; essential to a great pole performance

$28 - 8 ounce bottle
$4 - Trial Size Bottle
Includes sales tax