Melissa – Studio Manager

Melissa is a 46 year old Mama of two kiddos who began pole dancing in 2008, and has been training with Mary Ellyn since 2010.

Melissa has competed twice in the Midwest Pole Dance Competition/North American Pole Dance Championships in the Essential Pole Division and loves dancing in showcases whenever possible.  She has also traveled across the country attending pole dance events including USPDF in NYC, Detroit Showcase, and L.A. Pole Show.  Melissa has also taken many workshops with the famous dancers who inspire her.

Dancing is the way she has chosen to stay fit and happy.

Now through teaching others, she finds this to be extra rewarding.

Melissa is a certified instructor and teaches beginner & intermediate pole dancing.


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Favorite Music:
Monster you Made- Pop Evil
I Need You- Lynyrd Skynrd
Nutshell- Alice in Chains

Empowered by:
Sexy Dresses





Certifications and Training: