Safe Pole Dancing For Everyone!

Setting standards for the pole dancing community is a priority for many dance instructors. Guidelines are being developed to promote safe pole dance instruction, as well as good business practices.

ETED is already practicing safe techniques in teaching students. Our pole dance instructor certification courses are the first in the region and one of the few in the USA to be recognized by a national fitness organization, the AFAA, for safe and effective teaching techniques. Our dance routines are beautiful and fun...keeping your long-term health a top priority.

Pole dancing classes, be it for empowerment, fitness or art are fun and exhilarating, but they can also be hazardous to your health if you learn incorrectly. Read the fine print of those accident waivers that you sign at any studio...there is a reason that they have you sign waivers.

If you stop and think about it, you realize of course that a fall off the pole can result in a serious, even life-threatening injury but many people do not realize the dangers of chronic and stress injuries that can occur with pole dancing.

While studios today are touting the "fitness" label with pride, many are not teaching according to recognized fitness industry standards. Others believe that a background in fitness, yoga or other discipline is enough to teach pole dancing - but it's not.

You wouldn't go to a dentist for a back problem would you? The combination of fitness and pole dancing is a specialty in itself. Our research, developed in conjunction with fitness professionals and pole dance professionals world wide, teaches not just fitness or just dance, but pole-dance-fitness safely and effectively.

But what if you're just taking a sensual pole dance class that is not "fitness" oriented? Should you still be concerned? YES!

Some schools offer "pole dancing classes" but are facilitating poor habits which even in basic classes the simplest moves can lead to shin splints/stress fractures, heel spurs/plantar fasciitis, nerve entrapment, carpel tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff damage, back problems and a host of others.  Sounds scary doesn't it? It doesn't have to be.

Our instructors are all fitness certified and pole dance instructor certified and tested to be capable of effective teaching techniques before they are allowed to independently teach classes, providing our students with not only a fun and exciting experience, but also a safe one. In addition to our training and qualifications we follow OSHA standards, have an emergency plan in place and all instructors are CPR and First aid certified. We are professionals with high standards.

We care about our students inside and out, looking after not only your spirit and nurturing your sense of adventure, but caring for your body and temple with respect as well. We want to be certain that our students can still be pole dancing in 1, 5, or 15 years if they choose to.

There is nothing sexy about a dancer who has been crippled through a careless pole dancing injury. We empower you to dance safely.

What does "safe pole dancing" include? Read more here: Safe Dance Practices

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