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Songs To Inspire Your Dance
A complete list of songs used in our classes with regular updates

Frequently Asked Questions
About our classes and program.

Safe Dancing
Keep safe. Follow these guidelines when you pole dance.

Empowering Yourself
Various articles and information for your reading and inspiration.

The History of Pole & Exotic Dance
Where did it really all begin?

Health & Exercise
Various articles and information for your reading and education.

Pole Dancing in the Media
Articles and news on pole dancing around the world.

Fun Dance Videos
Links to great pole dance, Chinese pole, exotic dance, funny commercials and some scary pole dancing accidents.

Putting Your Best Face Forward
Photography Tips and Tricks

Dealing With Motion Sickness
Helpful tips for dealing with motion sickness.

Chicago Area Dance Club Reviews
Now that you know how: Where to go around town to pole dance

Famous Dance Quotes
Thoughtful and fun.

Skin Care For Pole Dancers
Advice on lotions and managing dry skin



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