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Here are links to live interviews and articles and other media appearances about pole dancing from around the world.

Class Action - ETED IPF Western Launch - Las Vegas
Beyond Botox - ETED Fawnia Mondey-Dietrich - Las Vegas TV
Lab Fitness - Ireland Barry White's Greatest Hits Promo -Katie Coates, UK

Putting a New Spin On Fundraisers -ETED

Barry White's Behind The Scenes - the making of
The Thin Pink Line - Katie Coates, UK (some adult scenes) Guinness Record Event and Fundraiser - ETED
Park District Goes Vertical With Fitness - ETED Pole Dance Classes in Florida - Vertical Fitness, FL
Pole Dancing School Goes To Supreme Court -  Oh My You're Gorgeous PA
OMYG Wins Supreme Court Ruling (part 2)
Ban on Pole Dancing in Memphis - Strip To Fit, TN
Small Town Support For Pole Dancing Franchise - Dolphin Dance, WA Pole Dancing Deemed Tax Exempt - New York Ruling


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