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The world is full of millions of types of real women
- the world is full of millions of kinds of real beauty.

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Our Instructors...

Are all certified pole dance instructors by a nationally recognized program to assure not only your safety but effective and easy to follow pole dance methods. You will learn from highly skilled instructors who are dedicated to helping each student achieve their goals within a comfortable and fun environment.

Additionally all of our instructors are also certified in group fitness, CPR and first aid.

Owner, Master Level Instructor:                                                                    

Mary Ellyn is a 52 year old mother of two. Married to her husband Jim since 2000, together they own a tax, accounting and financial services company. She had not worked as an exotic dancer but began pole dancing for her own enjoyment in 2002 before pole dancing became all the rage on television and in the fitness world.

With the encouragement and support of her husband Jim, she began sharing her skills teaching pole dancing in 2005 after experiencing advanced pole dancing techniques while traveling abroad. She became hooked on learning more about pole dancing and developed the desire to teach it to others.

She started by giving private lessons and hosting home parties. Having no resources in the Chicago area at the time, and through painstaking dedication, she learned the art of pole dancing without the benefit of a live instructor or classroom.

Since that time she has dedicated her time to networking and traveling to train regularly with master level instructors and has received her master trainer certification in pole dancing.

She has instructed hundreds of women - and men - in several countries in the arts of pole and exotic dance. Her students have included housewives, moms, teachers, doctors, accountants, exotic dancers and a wide range of other professionals and everyday women. Ages of students have ranged from 19 to 68.

Mary Ellyn has also developed Chicago's first pole dance instructor certification program, using safe and correct techniques based on industry standards in fitness and pole dancing.

She has been featured in Time Out Chicago Magazine , The Chicago Sun Times, The Daily Southtown, The Chicago Tribune and the Tribune Redeye, has appeared on WCKG  radio and on "Sexual Healing"  with Dr. Laura Berman on the Showtime Network.

Certifications and Pole Training:


 Other Qualifications:

  • US Sales Affiliate for Vertical Leisure and the X-pole
  • Organized the Chicago contingent Guinness World Record event for the most pole dancers performing simultaneously around the world in 2006 and 2007.
  • Produced Dance Wicked For A Week pole retreat with workshops and showcase in 2009, 2010 and coming in November 2011
  • Manager and creator of Midwest Pole Dancing
  • Managing Officer: Lifestyle Financial Services, Inc
  • Registered Nurse
  • Level II Reiki Practitioner

You can contact Mary Ellyn directly at MaryEllyn@ETEDance.com

Our Instructors

Approved Pole Dance Instructor

Jeannette (Jay) is a 41-year-old mom of one, and has been married to her husband Doug since 1995. She has worked in the accounting/bookkeeping department at Lifestyle Financial Services for since 2003 and is an active volunteer in her community.

Jay has been studying pole dancing with Empowerment Through Exotic Dance since 2005. She has achieved her basic instructor certification while studying under Mary Ellyn. Jay has also exceeded in various styles of dance including Salsa, Meringue & hip-hop.

Jay made the front page of the Daily Southtown during the first ever fundraising event sponsored by Empowerment Through Exotic Dance - the Chicago contingent for the Guinness World Record attempt for the most people pole dancing simultaneously around the world in September of 2006. She also participated, once again, in the December 2007 attempt.

Jay is a certified group fitness instructor and teaches beginner & intermediate pole dancing.


You can contact Jay directly at Jay@ETEDance.com

Approved Pole Dance Instructor

Chelle is 41 years old. She and her partner, Chris, have six children.
She has been a stay-at-home mom for the past four years.

Chelle has been pole dancing since 2007 and took her very first pole class with ETED in 2009 and never left.  
As she progressed through basic, intermediate and advanced classes, her love of pole grew.  
She began studying under Mary Ellyn for her basic and intermediate pole instructor certifications in early 2011.

Chelle has previously studied Yoga, Tae Kwon Do and Modern Dance.  
She tries to further her pole education with workshops/classes whenever possible and continues to take
advanced Pole classes with Mary Ellyn on a weekly basis.

Chelle teaches beginner & intermediate pole dancing.


You can contact Chelle directly at Chelle@ETEDance.com


Jonise is a 36 year old mother of two, who started pole dancing two years ago and began training 
at ETED in 2011. 
She currently lives in Indiana with her husband, Jeff of 15 years. 
She enjoys a variety of exercise including weight training and body sculpting. 
Jonise teaches beginner & intermediate pole dancing. 


You can contact Jonise directly at Jonise@ETEDance.com

For classes in the Chicago area call:
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