Get a Better Grrrip!



Product Benefits are...

  • It is a Dry Non-Sticky and Non-Tacky Grip and Hold Enhancer.
  • Repels Moisture and Perspiration
  • Provides Thermal Protection
  • Provides protection against Grease, Oil and Grime,
  • Affords a degree of protection against the formation of Blisters

Spray on Grrrip
Will reduce sweaty palms
and add just a touch of better grip to your hands
 to keep you on the pole without being tacky.

Grrrip Plus Lotion
Just a touch stronger:  same non-tacky effect

We highly recommend this product.
This is the product we use in our classes.


  • One bottle $10

  • 6-pack $36 plus $5 shipping

  • Case (24 bottles) $120 plus $20 shipping

(Can mix and match any combination of spray and lotion in all orders)

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Pole Physics Moisturizer

Formulated for maximum moisture absorption, POLE PHYSICS is a specialized no-slick, non-slip body lotion that is engineered for hydrated, supple skin without greasy residue

POLE PHYSICS NON-SLIP BODY LOTION is not a grip aid, so you can still use your favorite grip product. POLE PHYSICS Ė is a no-slick body lotion that will enhance your skinís natural ability to hold to the pole. Uniquely formulated for optimal pole performance plus it's healthy, natural ingedients!

$28.00 - 8.4 oz bottle
(includes sales tax)

$4.00 - 1 oz sample bottle
(includes sales tax)