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Take your pole dancing to new heights!

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Empowerment Through Dance Ltdsm. Online Teacher Training Program**
Basic/Intermediate Level: $399


The Empowerment Through Exotic Dance Ltd online training program includes all of the content which composes both our basic and intermediate level certification programs.

For those who desire the knowledge but cannot afford the time and travel expenses this is a more economical way of attaining the information included in our programs to assure that you are up to date on the latest pole dance teaching trends as well as fully versed in all aspects of pole instruction.

This program is more of a correspondence course as all materials will be sent to you in hard copy form.

Successful completion of each program will include an online (open book) written exam and will require the participant to record and mail videos of the practical portions of the final exams.

Grandfather Clause: Those who have successfully completed both the basic and the intermediate online teacher training within the past two years will be eligible to attend and test for the advanced certification program. Upon successful completion of the live advanced certification program, participants will receive Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd full certification at the advanced level.


  • First Aid certification & CPR (no on line courses)

  • Preferred certification as a  Group Fitness Exercise Instructor, AFAA , ACSM, ACE, ISSA, NCSF or NCSA

  • Basic Instructor: One year of previous pole dance experience required.
    One year of pole instruction experience preferred.

  • Intermediate Instructor: must have completed Basic Instructor through Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd.

Basic and Intermediate Level Training Modules:

  • Basic instructor course includes
    Review of over 110 moves
    Home study with online and phone consultations
    Concludes with one online written and two video recorded practical exams
    A comprehensive business section and consultation with a business/financial planner specialist

  • Intermediate instructor course includes
    Review of over 60 moves and strength building exercises to prepare for advanced classes
    Introduction to inverting
    Home study with online and phone consultations
    Concludes with one online written and one video recorded practical exam

  • Learn safe pole dancing practice and how to teach safely and effectively, while using proper body mechanics

  • Learn points of contact and proper alignment for each move

  • Learn to speak multiple "pole languages" to best communicate with your students

  • Learn which exercises are best for training at each level

  • Learn to build proper warm up and cool down techniques for each level of class you teach

  • Learn various teaching models to build your classes and how to set your courses to music

  • Learn what is important to set up your business correctly including liability waivers, registration & insurance

  • DVD of moves and study guides will be sent to you prior to attending the program for pre-study and practice

  • Certificate of training from Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd will be issued upon successful completion of all elements


Satisfactory completion of this program will require passing one written and 3 practical exams. The written is multiple choice and true/false and the practical exams must be filmed and will include demonstration of approximately 30 selected moves from the program, teaching 6 moves from the program using multi-level instruction and performance by video of a short piece of choreography using beginner through Intermediate moves.

Written exam: minimum 85%
Each Practical Exam: 90%

*payment is due at the time of registration.
  no refunds once instruction manuals have been issued.
 **This version of the program is not approved for CEUs by AFAA but contains the same content as our approved program which has also been sanctioned by the Pole Fitness Association and the Pole Dance Community


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