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Intro To Pole Dancing

Chicago Heights and Frankfort

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$40 per 90 minute session.
Pre-requisite: none
Personal Pole required at home: No.

ALL new students are required to take an introduction to pole dance workshop prior to attending any of our group pole dance classes.

The cost of the workshop is $40. Students who sign up simultaneously or within 7 days sign up for a group class will receive a full $40 credit good toward the cost of their first group class.

Students who wait more than 60 days before registering for a group class must re-take the intro workshop at the full rate.

Students may take the intro to pole dance workshop at either Frankfort or Chicago Heights and then take classes at the other location.

See this page: Calendar for available workshop dates.

Group Classes:

Basic & Intermediate
General Information

Scroll down to read more details about each level


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All classes are sold in blocks of 6/7 consecutive weeks based on the day of the week and the time chosen upon registration.

Purchase your block of classes and your time is guaranteed for 6/7 consecutive weeks at the same time and day each week. Students may not mix attendance on different days or at different times but lock into a 6 week schedule on the same day/time.

Students may change their day/time/location when they sign up for the next 6-week block.

  • Students must complete all six of the 6-week levels in order to move to the advanced class
  • Returning students: Call to determine placement.

Each level must be completed before before progressing to the next level.
While it is not required to own your own pole for home practice during Basic it
is strongly advised for Intermediate and is required  for Advanced.

Group Pole Dance

Beginner through
Intermediate level
combined classes


Chicago Heights and Frankfort

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$140 for 7 consecutive weeks.
Classes meet once a week for 75 minutes.
1-2 students per pole.
Prerequisite: Intro to Pole Dancing Workshop
Personal Pole required at home: No

Our Pole Dancing Divas program consists of six sessions which are 7 weeks long each.

This is a "multi-level program" learning a new pole dance routine every 7 weeks.
There are 6 levels to this program.

Students from beginner through intermediate levels take the same classes with variations
built into the routine to adjust the program for all skill levels during the class. So if you invite
friends to join after you start, they can still be in your class! Everyone learns the routine at their own pace and skill level.

Women of all builds and experience levels learn beautiful pole dance routines consisting of spins, transitions and floor work while you develop confidence, flow and grace in your dancing.

The beginner pole dancing is appropriate for all age and skill levels and all body types.
Progress to more advanced moves is determined individually by the student in consultation with
her instructor.

Intro To Advanced

Not offered every session!
Contact us for more information


$25 for one 90-minute workshop
Classes meet once a week for 90 minutes
1-2 students per pole.
Prerequisite: completion of all basic/intermediate levels
Requires approval by course instructor
Students are required to have their own pole

The advanced level requires extra strength, agility and endurance. This is a rigorous program with inverted moves, spinning pole moves and a variety of other combinations of moves requiring balance, strength and self-assurance.

This workshop will include an evaluation of your skills to make certain you are ready to work at the advanced level in classes with others who are already performing advanced skills. Students must successfully pass our prerequisites in order to continue on to the advanced program. See this link for a list of skills you will be tested on in this workshop.

After passing the test, students will then be introduced to the "basic 3" moves upon which the remainder of their advanced work will be built upon. This class will include an orientation portion about what to now expect at the advanced level.

Advanced Pole


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$140 for 7 consecutive weeks.
Classes meet once a week for 90 minutes
1-2 students per pole.
Prerequisite: completion of all basic/intermediate levels as well as Introduction to Advanced
Requires approval by course instructor
Students are required to have their own pole

This class is part technique and part choreography.

This is a "multi-level" pole dance group class. Regardless of your experience in the advanced level, our choreography will be adapted to suit your abilities.

In this level you will begin using the moves learned in Intro To Advanced, linking them together
in choreographed routines that combine moves from all levels, basic through advanced pole moves.

From here, each student's growth is individualized so that they learn advanced skills specific to their own ability and experience. One week we will work on advanced tricks and alternate weeks we will work on short sequence choreography.

Drop In Classes


Chicago Heights

Call for availability

Advanced Class - based on availability
$10 for current students
past or outside students
1-2 students per pole.
Prerequisite: completion of intro to advanced for current students. Evaluation for outside students.

Basic/Intermediate Classes - based on availability
$10 for current students
past or outside advanced students
1-2 students per pole.
Prerequisite: Current basic/intermediate students or past advanced students
Open to past students who have completed Basic/Intermediate  or advanced students
Current Basic/Intermediate students may take an extra class each week for $10 per class.

Current and previous students may also call the same day by 3pm to reserve a place in class...limited by availability. Pre-payment required. No credits or refunds once booked.

Private/semi-private Lessons

Chicago Heights Location only

Call for availability


$100 per hour for private

Semi Private: 2-3 students together:
$60 per student/per hour

*$50 per hour for CURRENT group class students only

1-3 students only. Learn at your own pace.

Private and semi-private lessons in both pole dancing and
SPICE (exotic) dancing are available with flexible scheduling. 

Privates are not available at times we host a party, workshop or other event or at any time on Saturday/Sunday evenings.

All privates and semi-privates must be pre-paid. No refunds are given.
Credit given only with at least 24 hours notice.
Absolutely no refunds or credit with same day cancellations.

Please see this page for policies and conditions


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